• gingerastaire:

    Greta Garbo photographed by Edward Steichen, 1928.

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    Sophie Scholl - quietly standing up to Hitler’s Regime; “somebody, after all, had to make a start.”

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  • Eartha Kitt and Josphine Baker, 1950s

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  • actuallygrimes:

    shes so much of everything, ive never listened to tori amos before for no particular reason 

    her voice is crazy

  • viktor-sbor:

    J.C. Leyendecker “Sailor Girl”

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  • Sundays

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  • hedda-hopper:

    Corrine Griffith, Single Wives (1924)

  • tattoolit:

    monogram of the alphabet and numbers 0-9

    every book i’ve ever read can be found in these lines

  • snowce:

    Leonor Fini, Lovers, 1990

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  • octopuspeace:

    "Portrait of Miss Waerndorfer"
    Artist: Egon Schiele
    Year: 1913

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  • octopuspeace:

    Artist: Egon Schiele

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